Realty Dome
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Our Mission

To create passive wealth for individuals by uniting investor-partners and connecting them to real estate opportunities.

Our Vision

For investor-partners to have an excellent experience so that they will re-invest with us and refer their colleagues, friends and family members to us.

Our Values

  • Trust—We know that trust is not a given; it must be earned and maintained. We understand that a handshake is not just business etiquette; it is trust in action.
  • Social responsibility—Tenant quality of life is at the heart of our investment ethics.
  • Discernment—Thoughtful, intelligent and resourceful consideration is given to each project before decisions are made.
  • Transparency—We have nothing to hide, so we hide nothing.
  • Creativity—We redefine property sourcing and problem solving.
  • Synergy—Success is built on the strength of collective experience in a healthy and respectful environment.


Realty Dome is a full-service real estate investment and management company with global reach that helps mid- to high-net-worth individuals add commercial properties to their portfolios.


Realty Dome specializes in the acquisition of residential properties in the United States and Canada. We fill, manage and upgrade rental spaces and then sell the property, providing our investor-partners with income opportunities in high-growth markets. We also handle the day-to-day operations for our investor-partners, ensuring that they meet their real estate portfolio objectives while they go on with their normal lives.


Realty Dome is a boutique operation, big enough to boast global resources, yet not too big to ensure a hassle-free investment for our investor-partners. Personal contact and exclusive service are what sets us apart from the competition.


You are a modern investor with financial equity who does not want to put in any sweat equity. You want to own real estate and make a nice profit but cannot or do not want to do the work. You are socially responsible, care about honesty and transparency, and want to sit back, trust your partner to provide regular reports and wait for the returns to roll in.


We get it. You have a lot on your plate. You are a busy person. Your business needs you and your family wants you. You want to grow your assets through property investments, but you simply do not have the ability or time to do so.


Realty Dome provides expert analysis of market trends, demographic shifts and economic indicators that demonstrate the highest potential for growth in value. We are vigilant, sourcing investment opportunities at low points in the value cycle to protect and optimize our joint investments every day.


We know properties. We know investments. We know management. We make it easy for you. And we are in it together!


Join us under the Dome. The Realty Dome. We will grow together.


We conduct complete and comprehensive due diligence and finalize the acquisition on the best terms possible. While managing the property, we adjust the rents, improve occupancy and add value through various means. Finally, we optimize assets through legal and tax structures to maximize profits.



Realty Dome uncovers undervalued investment opportunities in the multi-family real estate sector across the United States and Canada. We narrow down the opportunities to specific areas and consider properties within the neighbourhood. We check for potential high yield in relationship to the market in the short term and high sustainable asset appreciation over a 5- to 7-year horizon.



Once we identify a desirable property, we make a conditional offer. This stage is time‑consuming and complex, involving multiple layers of details and resources. We have the property inspected and assessed, focusing on the physical condition of the building, expenses, tenants and operation of the property, before we finalize the acquisition.



Properties are self-sufficient and produce operational profit. We improve the occupancy rate, raise the rents according to market standards, make continuous improvements according to the business plan and optimize assets through legal and tax structures to maximize profits, all with the ultimate goal of increasing the value of the property.


Exit strategy and distribution

We make distributions to our investor-partners over the life of the project. Once we have reached our targets, we consider selling. We extract the funds, along with the capital appreciation, and distribute them to our investor-partners together with their original investment. The exact timing of the sale of the property depends on many variables and is determined based on ability to maximize investors’ return.

Omri Gelb, Founder and CEO

Omri Gelb is the consummate professional manager. He thrives in a start-up culture and is motivated by the excitement and challenges of the real estate market. Real estate investment is all about details, from initial analysis, to managing the investment, to knowing when to sell, and that is his strength. Omri balances data-driven information and intuitive signals, so when problems arise, he provides multiple solutions. He understands that calculated risk bears much fruit.


He has transferred and applied his experience in the software industry, where he overachieved revenue and profitability targets for his employer, to earning profits for investor-partners of Realty Dome.


“I don’t just feel that things are going well; I know they are and always have the data to back it up. I can recall in an instant exactly where each property is in its investment cycle and why. Many of our investor-partners have told me that’s my greatest strength.”
Contact Omri at

Avinoam Gelb, CFO

Avinoam has 20+ years of experience in developing and implementing innovative strategic plans, including financial, operational and marketing planning for a multimillion dollar company. He has formulated and followed marketing strategies, business development plans, promotional activities and product development projects. His proven track record and drive to succeed are an asset to Realty Dome. Avinoam is the financial expert and visionary of Realty Dome.


Avinoam is a straight-A student who earned his MBA from McGill University. He was one of only 15 students in the special interdisciplinary honors program and President of the McGill MBA Student Association.
Contact Avi at

Property managers

We are currently working with four property management companies. Each one provides assistance with pricing, listing, marketing, tenant screening, background checks, rent collection and properties showings. They also inspect properties when residents move in or out and handle all maintenance, landscaping and repairs. These companies have decades worth of experience in the ever-changing marketplace and adapt to the times. All property managers we work with have a proven track record of honesty, reliability and dedication.

Legal partners

Our legal partners are well-versed in working with international investors and have already proven their worth to Realty Dome in providing precise, informed service. Every legal partner we are associated with has proven themselves responsive and fundamental to us when it comes to capitalizing on opportunities. Each transaction is accompanied by one of our legal partners.


Accounting partners

It is critical to have market-oriented real estate accounting partners who allocate risk appropriately. We have the support and hands-on industry knowledge of a group of accountants and advisors as our partners. They help us to establish and maintain a solid foundation by providing acquisition support, tax planning, compliance and reporting advice. Each transaction is accompanied by one of our accounting partners. We leave nothing to chance because every detail matters to our bottom line.

What Our Clients Are Saying