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Invest for yourself, but not by yourself. Realty Dome uses collective buying power of unique investor-partner groups to leverage group size.
 us to join.



Using a wealth of data resources, our data science team has created predictive models and algorithms to identify strong investment markets and properties today and in the future. They analyze over 50 data points in key U.S. markets such as job growth, multi-industry driven economy, and favorable rent-to-home value ratios to identify markets and areas.

Identifying solid investment properties

Once the market and area have been narrowed down based on criteria identified by our data science team, we look for investment properties within the neighborhoods that have the potential to provide a solid operational profit and that will appreciate in value over a 5-year horizon. Some of the factors that indicate an ideal rental property are that it is priced right, highly rentable, structurally sound, with strong projected returns.  We then create a vehicle to invest in the property with local financial institutions to provide us with 75% financing. Realty Dome invests up to 10% of the capital required, with the balance creating investment opportunities for our investors-partners.

Conditional acquisition and set-up


  • Due diligence
  • Financing
  • Insurance
  • Inspection
  • Property and income taxes
  • City, state and federal registrations
  • Legal structure
  • Closing

Property and asset management


  • Property management
  • Rent collection
  • Revenue generation
  • Day-to-day operations and maintenance
  • Interaction with authorities
  • Asset management
  • Value increase
  • Tenant management
  • Added-value features (our secret sauce of success)
  • Quarterly and yearly reporting
  • Capital gain


Invest with your head, not your heart. You will get simple yet detailed quarterly and annual reports. You will also get ad hoc updates on the property you are invested in to follow the growth of your property and know where you stand at every point in time.


The objective is to double our investor-partners’ investments within 5 years. The exit strategy is not set in stone, as there are too many variables that can throw any 5-year plan off its mark. At Realty Dome, we consider “how and when to exit” more of a “what is in the best interest of our investor-partners” philosophy than a hard and fast rule. We can sell before the 5-year mark arrives, or hold on to a highly profitable asset.


For every property we own together, our main objective is to lower impending risks and allow our investor-partners to achieve the maximum return on their investment. We factor in all the conditions before deciding what the right exit 
strategy will be, and we have a proven track record for making money for our investor-partners.

What a fantastic job you did, man! The results exceeded what I expected by far! This was my first time investing in real estate in the US, and trusting you with this was right on. Thanks for your talent, dedication and luck! I’ll continue to invest and trust you.
Shmulik Aran
Nextnine CEO

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